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Online demo: Quick' n Easy Portlets using the Sun Java Studio Creator 2

Posted by navaneeth on August 19, 2005 at 1:53 AM PDT

From elevator hacks to something more connected to my work.I was recently asked to create a quick presentation on how to use the Sun Java Studio Creator 2 to create JSR 168 portlets.

You might find it useful too. You can check it out here: Quick' n Easy Portlets using the Sun Java Studio Creator 2( I used wink to create the demo. It's an awesome tool !)

Portlets built using Creator 2 are JSF based. Creator 2 also bundles Pluto,
the JSR 168 reference implementation. Pluto is used as the runtime to test the portlets.
Creator 2 certainly looks promising for portlet development. You can download Creator currently in Early Access from here: Sun Java Studio Creator

Recently Howard M. Lewis Ship, the creator of Jakarta Tapestry, brought to my attention that Tapestry 4.0 has incorporated full native support for JSR 168 portlets. Have not tried it out myself, but from the docs and some tidbits I got from Howard, looks like a neat implementation. Tapestry 4.0 is currently in a late beta stage. You can get it from the Tapestry site