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SOA – A realization ?

Posted by navaneeth on August 9, 2005 at 12:22 PM PDT

I think the SOA hype is essentially a realization. The IT industry has realized that today's cutting edge technology is tomorrow's legacy.
And that systems we create today ought to work with systems to be developed in the future.

So how do we ensure that today's systems can be best utilized tomorrow ?

  • Decompose the system into reusable components:

    We can selectively use parts of the system in the future.

  • Expose the reusable components through vendor neutral, platform neutral interfaces:

    We ensure that we can always “talk” to these reusable components.

That's (my take on) SOA. It's not Webservices, It's not WSDL, It's not XML. Heck, It's not even HTTP.

SOA relies on principles like clearly defined interfaces, well-defined entities, independent responsibilities etc etc... which resembles guess what ? Yeah. Good old OOP.Frankly, the more I think about SOA, the more I find it similar to OOP.

As for Web services, web services can be used to create SOA as much as Java can be used to create an Object Oriented Program.SOA and OOP are principles. WebServices and Java can be used to implement those principles.To say SOA means Webservices is as naïve as saying OOP means Java.

Hmm ... am curious...are there any notable REST based implementations of SOA?

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