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Announcing the Portal Server for Web 2.0

Posted by navaneeth on January 2, 2006 at 6:24 AM PST

We are proud to
what is perhaps the biggest milestone for the Sun Portal platform -
The Sun Java System Portal Server 7.

With a dedicated, global team of engineers working round the clock backed by a excellent management team,
I believe we have delivered a product that can give our competition a run for their money :)

Portal 7 places a heavy emphasis on today's collaborative or Web 2.0 technologies-
Online communities (aka social networks), wikis, blogs, file sharing, syndication, ajax.

We have also worked on many not-so-cool-yet-crucial features - Administration, Management,
CMS integration and Enterprise Application Integration. For more info, check out the

portal server product page

I have also started a new blog called The Portal Zone specifically
focused on the Sun Java System Portal Server. If you are a developer using the Sun Portal or in the process of exploring the product,
you ought to find this blog useful.

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