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NetTool (Web & Network Debugging App) 4.2.0 Released

Posted by neilotoole on April 20, 2006 at 2:03 AM PDT

If you haven't used NetTool before, visit to get full details on the app. But briefly: NetTool consists of two tools, a HTTP Client, and a TCP Tunnel. A picture being as good as a thousand words, this is the HTTP Client:


The HTTP Client is analogous to a web browser, except that the user has full control over the HTTP request, and can configure the URL, method (including WebDAV methods), request headers, request body, etc.. The TCP Tunnel is analogous to a packet sniffer like ethereal and lets the user view TCP traffic passing through the tunnel.

Anyway, the developments of the last few months are:

  • Totally rewritten from the ground up
  • Funky new UI based on JGoodies Looks library (dog bless those people)
  • Rather damn nice search functionality (thanks Blaise for the suggestion! - what would I do without you?)
  • The HTTP Client now supports HTTPS/SSL
  • And a bunch of other stuff that I'm hard-pressed to remember right now...

Anyway, if you develop HTTP-based apps, you might find NetTool useful... thousands of long-suffering downloaders can't be wrong :-) You can always find the latest version by following the links from

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