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Welcome java 7 - Part 1

Posted by otaviojava on August 11, 2011 at 3:52 AM PDT

After a long 5 year wait, finally comes the new version of Java,  jdk 7. The entire Java 7 project was divided into two sub-projects:

  • The coin project; which featured a few improvements to the language like switch with strings, mutil try etc.

  • Lamba's project containing some of the most innovative and complex features results in leaving the language a lot more dynamic.


In order to launch this new version, which will be used primarily to develop the coin project and lambda project scheduled for release in 2012 along with  java 8, constant updates have had to be made. These innovations are not only a welcome development for commercial applications, but also on other platforms, for example, in Java EE 7 which is being developed on top of this new jdk.

This version contains JSR 392 the, Da Vinci Machine project whose main objective is to introducenew  languages to the JVM (java virtual machine). The idea is to use external bytecodes in JVM (invoke Dynamic) so when future languages in the JVM are released, the existing languages will process a lot faster, the Jruby( Ruby version run in JVM) for example, will not need about two thousand classes. Some other cool information is the open jdk now is the reference implementation.




New Improvements to Java 7


JSR 292: The Da Vinci machine project of which the main objective is to cater for more languages in the JVM.


JSR 334: Little features in Java like switch with String which i will expand on below.


Some modifications have been made to the API class-loader to avoid deadlocks in non-hierarchical class-loader topologies.


JSR 166y: Updates in API's concurrency also in API's Collections.


Improvement to internationalization like upgrading to Unicode 6.0 java.util.Locale to suport IETF BCP 47 (Tags identifying languages) e UTR 35 (dates local Markup Language)


JSR 203: New APIs for filesystem access, scalable asynchronous I/O operations, socket-channel binding and configuration, and multicast datagrams


A portable implementation of the standard Elliptic Curve Cryptographic (ECC) algorithms, so that all Java applications can use ECC out-of-the-box.


Update to JDBC 4.1 Among its improvements is the automatic closing of connections and the RowSet 1.1 now can support all cand data supported by JDBC Driver.


New improvements to some graphics components like the new Java2D pipeline with base extensions Xrender X11, provides similar functionality to the modern GPU. Window graphics are well done, with translucent resources. Ther is also a new look and feel Nimbus theme of Swing component, and the new Jlayer decorator component allows you to apply many effects inside its border.


Updates for JAXP 1.4, JAXB 2.2a, e JAX-WS 2.2.


Improvement to MBeans which is important for reporting CPU processes about the JVM.