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FASOJUG learned SPRING 3 with Sang Shin passionately

Posted by pandaconstantin on August 23, 2011 at 10:58 AM PDT

On saturday 13th august 2011, FASOJUG followed a training session on Spring 3 passionately with rock java evangelist and JavaPassion instructor Sang Shin. The speaker, with his punctuality feature, started the webinar at 11:00 AM UTC and held the attendees for seven hours (until 6:00 PM UTC). Sang covered for the JUG the topics below :

  • Spring 3 and Maven
  • Spring 3 MVC Basics
  • Spring 3 MVC Form Handling
  • Spring 3 MVC Views
  • Spring 3 MVC REST
  • Spring 3 MVC Ajax
  • Spring 3 MVC Misc. features
  • Spring 3 Webflow
  • Spring 3 Database Access


A word on JavaPassion 

JavaPassion is a wonderful website created by Sang Shin. It offers to attendees  many courses on Java and on many other technologies such as Android, Scala, Ruby. Courses are extraordinary well-structured and help attendees to quick possess concepts. It divides the training into sessions which contain slides (explaining the concept), labs (step by step exercices on concept), homeworks ( to validate the modules) and webinars. After sending all the homeworks you receive  a nice certificate !

JavaPassion is also a kind of community in term of internationalisation of attendees. People come from all the continents and share tips on social network ( twitter, google group, etc).

Students, newbies and developers are encourage to subscribe to Javapassion. It is cheap and the attendees can have an account for a year. I discovered the portal in 2005 and I learned firmly Java technologies, RoR,Ajax, etc, with some guys.

Below a picture of training session :

Spring3_with_Sang.JPG949.71 KB
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