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Thoughts about BGJUG First Meeting

Posted by paranoiabla on October 2, 2007 at 3:49 AM PDT

The first BGJUG meeting is over... :-)

And although it was a week ago, just today I find some time to blog about it. First of all: it was amazing!!! :-)
And second of all: It was really amazing!!! :-)
People started coming for the meeting half an hour earlier (well, I came an hour earlier, but who cares?).
I had a room with 160 seats reserved, but as It turned out, it was rather small and we had 20-25 people standing
up in the hall.

We started with me talking about the web-site, the group and how the idea initially started. Judging on their reactions
people were really interested in that. After an hour we continued with Svetlin Nakov, who talked about the
Google Web-Toolkit and how we can use it for making AJAX-driven applications. After the presentation we made it to the
nearest pub where we continued chatting.

I really can't wait for our next meeting.