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Java User Group Globe-Trotter

Posted by paranoiabla on January 28, 2008 at 6:30 AM PST

Hi guys,

from quite a long time I have been traveling really a lot. And the fact that I have so much traveling involved in my work, is not all bad. I mean, yes, you live in a hotel, away from your family and your friends, but there's also another side of the coin. For the last few months I was able to visit a lot of the Java User Groups in Europe. I was on a JUG meeting in Düsseldorf with Michael Jastram, I visited the Javapolis in Antwerp, I was in Cologne with Michael Hüttermann, in Luxembourg with Arnaud Cormier, and also managed to make to all the meetings of my Java User Group in Bulgaria. I am also planning to join the Düsseldorf JUG on 31st when they have another gathering, and also in March maybe present a talk to them :-). Also in some of my next meetings I am planning a trip to Amsterdam to meet some of the local JUG leaders there, and also when I return to Bulgaria (hopefully at the beginning of March) I plan a weekend in Athens, so hopefully I will meet Paris Apostalopoulos and Panos Konstantinidis :-). Well, I really enjoy myself visiting new countries and making new friends with the local Java User Group Leaders, and I think that the community we have made is indeed unique. For instance last week I wanted to go to Luxembourg and since I didn't know the city at all, I wrote an email to Arnaud Cormier, asking him to meet with me on a lunch and discuss the JUGs. Well, I was really surprised, when he, not only agreed to have lunch with me, but also took out of his time to show me the city. A great "thank you" to you Arnaud ;-), and indeed the community we have made is really unique.

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