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JavaONE So Far

Posted by paranoiabla on May 8, 2008 at 5:52 PM PDT

Hi everybody,

as most of the people blogging on, I am also going to dedicate my blog entry to the JavaONE conference. This year, is my first year on the conference, and I really have to say that it is impressively big. No wait, of course it's not big, it's HUGE. So I am not going to give you the statistical data that most of you have heard already, but instead I will tell you that I have been to a lot of conferences out there and so far JavaONE seems to be the biggest one. Apart from the technical talks (from which I had the time to track just 3), the conference gives you a really big opportunity to meet with people you have been communicating only over the Email.

The first day was the day after I arrived. It was CommunityONE and I had to be there to talk about JUGs and communities. Me and a couple of other JUG leaders had this talk so that we can help and facilitate people that want to start a new JUG. In my opinion the talk went pretty well - thanks to Van who had taken care of all the details and who pushed us all. Thanks Van :-).

The second and the third day were pretty much hanging with the the guys and with the other JUG leaders. I also visited the
pavilion and met some old friends - Vincent Massol, Gael Blondelle and some new friends I was anticipated to meet - Ivelin Ivanov, Vladimir Ralev and
Jean Deruelle - all from the Mobicents team.

The one thing that I will remember JavaONE with was the first and only meeting of the Jakarta Cactus team(me, Felipe Leme and Vincent Massol).
The Sunday when I arrived, the first thing I did was to check-in the hotel and call Felipe to meet him. And the next day we made an arangement to
meet with the Vincent Massol, who started the project exactly 10-years ago. Since then this is the first time we all meet. It was really amazing: