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JUnit in Action II is online

Posted by paranoiabla on September 25, 2008 at 12:20 PM PDT

It all started on this-year's JavaONE conference, when I met Vincent and Felipe. Then Vincent mentioned the idea of writing a new edition of the book, and including the new JUnit 4.5 features, so we all soon agreed.
Stan joined us, and we signed the contracts in July. It is all set up now, and we even have the TOC and some sample chapters published on the Manning website.

I am really excited about this book, because the TOC seems really promising - we decided to focus not only on the JUnit itself, but also on any testing tools and strategies that could help you test you apps thoroughly. This way we intend to cover JUnit, Mocks, Stubs, In-container testing, ... and also including the tests in the build process (continuous integration) - we cover tools like Ant, Maven2, CI tools like Hudson, CruiseControl, ... We will also talk about different techniques on testing different layers from your application - web layer, presentation layer(with tools like Cactus, JSFUnit and HTMLUnit), business logic(with tools like Cactus and mocks), database layer (with DBUnit). Last but not least we want to focus on some completely new aspects on the testing battle-field - testing AJAX, testing Spring and OSGi components.

As I already said I have great expectations about this book - it has all the prerequisites to become a real "Testing Bible". Well, only the readers will show if this can come true.

You can check it here:


Looks promising! I will definitely purchase it. I just hope reviewing all these tools in a single book didn't make the content perfunctory!

name of book

I'm curious to know the details of the book, I met someone in the airport who raved of such author and suggested I purchase this authors listings. I truely find the author intriguing and passionate. Can't wait to embark on the journey. Would love to hear a reply from the author.