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Posted by pbrittan on July 30, 2003 at 6:36 AM PDT

Before I get much further in my Blog, I just want to make one thing perfectly clear: I love servers. Or more accurately, I love having my applications and data on servers, and then I like to just forget about those servers. I want them to be someone else’s concern. I simply want my applications and my data to be wherever I need them. I want them to be backed up without my thinking about it. I don’t want to install them or upgrade them.

That’s all about me as a user. As a developer and system administrator, I also love servers. I’d much rather debug a problem in my data center than out on a user’s desktop machine. In fact, I’d love to take a server out of rotation on my load-balancer and spend as much time as I need fixing and testing the problem there, without having a user looking over my shoulder, sighing heavily, and tapping a pencil impatiently on her desk. If my apps need more memory, I’d rather plug it into my servers all neatly arranged in a rack rather than running around and lifting the hood on each individual user’s desktop machine.

As a business owner, I also love servers. Servers give me a good price/performance ratio. I can almost think of them as disposable. I certainly can’t do that with my desktop PCs – but I’d like to! My sys admins are more productive when fixing problems or upgrading software and hardware. My employees can access our corporate apps from home and on the road (so I can work them around the clock!) And perhaps if the promises of On Demand / Utility Computing are realized, my server-based systems will be able to take full advantage of the cost savings and efficiencies of virtualizing my processor load across a grid. If I’ve got a lot of client-side application code -- in fat clients (VB, Swing, SWT…) or fat browsers (DHTML, JavaScript, Applets, Flash…) -- I can’t do that.

Yes, I do love servers.

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