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Java.Net for non-English speakers - a Call for Action...

Posted by pelegri on June 13, 2003 at 4:10 PM PDT

I was born in Spain (in Barcelona, Catalunya), and grew up in
Venezuela where I went to college. I moved to the San Francisco Bay
Area for my graduate work and eventually came to work in the Java
platform group at Sun Microsystems. Now I'm used to being at the
center of the Java universe, and for many of my interactions I either
walk down the hall, pick up the phone, or have a quick email exchange
(too much of that, but that is a different topic!). Living here it
is easy to forget that for some people it may be very hard to find
information about Java, specially informal information, and specially
if you are not very comfortable in English. And that it can be hard
to find a developer community.

Yesterday I was at the BOF that JBob
put together. JBob says that the oversea response to is
extraordinary. To me that makes a lot of sense: I believe that will help all Java developers, overseas or not, to be better
connected to each other. Some of that connection will be in English
but not everybody is fluent in this language, and I want to encourage
us to remember the needs of those developers. We can do this in a
number of ways: by using the community to localize documentation, by
creating forums around specific languages and by writing localizable
applications. It will take a while, but let's get moving.

As an experiment in this direction, and carrying the hat of
manager for the Web Services and XML community, I've created two
forums in there: one is intended for conversations
in Spanish
, I will participate there (although I'm going to take
a post-J1 break starting Monday); the other is for conversations
in Japanese,
I hope Kohsuke Kawaguchi will participate there. If
you are fluent in the WS & XML community and are fluent in the
language drop by and give us a hand. Let's see how it goes; we will
report back.

Muchas gracias,

- Eduardo Pelegrí Llopart / Eduard Pelegrí i Llopart

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