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Community Spring Cleaning

Posted by pelegri on May 22, 2004 at 1:54 PM PDT

We have been doing some Spring cleaning and I want to give you a
report on where we are, tell you about some future directions, and ask
for feedback.

Home Page: The three panels in the href="">Community Home Page
now have different types of content: general news on the right panel,
community news on the center, and community resource links on the left
We are trying to update the right pane several times a week with news
related to this community collected from different RSS feeds.  The
center pane is updated less frequently, with news from within our own
community.  The left page is mostly static and contains links to
different resources,
including blogs, Wiki projects and people.

Types of Projects:  Projects at Java.Net can
be Hosted or href="">Linked.  Hosted
projects maintain most of their content using the Java.Net machinery;
linked projects exist elsewhere but they are listed in our
directories.  Further, projects may be listed in an incubator if
they are not yet ready to be fully advertised to the community. 
Finally, we also track products of interest to the community. 
I've contacted all the
projects in the last few weeks, classifying them and, in some cases,
deleting projects.  As with any cleanup effort, keeping it up to
date is a never ending effort, but we are reasonably up-to-date. Right
now we have about 28 projects in the main directory and about 18
in the incubator, with about 13 additional linked or other
projects.  We get a few additional project requests each week; we
are listing the new projects in the left pane.

Project Directories: There are multiple
'project directories' at Java.Net, some maintained by the SourceCast
machinery, some are updated at Java.Net.  We are now trying to
keep them all synchronized.  The directories we highlight in the
left pane are Wiki pages that list all the projects and will eventually
their status.  We track separatedly the href="">hosted
projects (be them in the incubator or in the main directory) from href="">linked
and other projects and products.

Downloads: We are running weekly stats on access to
our projects (thanks to href="">Kohsuke
and Ryan
for this!) and we now have a
link of popular downloads on the left pane.

Future Directions: There is a fair amount of effort
in just keeping the existing infrastructure working; but, beyond that,
there are a few ideas that
we want to explore:

  • A Technical Forum in this space: I have talked with the
    administrators about moderating a technical forum where invited
    speakers would kick-off a discussion on a technical topic.  I host
    similar forums at Sun and I have a fairly good set of contacts to get
    the forum started.
  • Improve Project, Product and Learning Content of Wiki:
    The wiki can contain much more information on these areas.  Just
    as an example, the href="">learning
    Wiki page only lists Sang Shin's online
  • Community Forums: We are currently not using any of the
    forums for this community.  We could start using them as a way to
    build community.

I can think of a number of other projects, but I would like to know
what you think we should be doing.  Give us your feedback.

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