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Want to help lead the WS & XML Community at Java.Net?

Posted by pelegri on October 15, 2004 at 4:37 PM PDT

We are going through a rotation on the management team of this community.

The Java Web Services and XML community was created at JavaOne '03 and Kohsuke Kawaguchi and myself were the original community managers. Later Michael Champion and Will Iverson joined the team. Mike and Will are overloaded with other commitments and are stepping down and I am also planning to step down so I can focus on other projects (and maybe even start blogging more consistently!) but Alejandro Abdelnur and Ramesh Mandava will be joining the team.

Thanks to Mike and Will, and welcome to Alejandro and Ramesh! And continued thanks to Kohsuke!

Three is a good sized team but a larger team is even better as then it is very easy to do a rotation, like they do in the java-enterprise community, and then the load is very manageable. In addition, Alejandro, Ramesh and Kohsuke are all Sun employees and it would be nice to have non-Sun members in the team.


Please send me mail at if you are interested in this opportunity.


- eduard/o

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