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JWSDP 1.5 is out!

Posted by pelegri on November 11, 2004 at 10:08 PM PST

Ramesh announced
the release of the latest version (1.5) of theJava Web Services Developer Pack.

My favorite two additions are a brand-new implementation of StAX and a new, FCS, version of the XML Web Services Security.
The StAX implementation builds on the low levels of Xerces and thus can nicely co-exist with the rest of JAXP and its performance seems very good in internal benchmarks; I'm sure the Neeraj and the team would be interested in how it works for you. The new version of XML WSS includes additional Ease of Developement features; the feedback there is to Vishal's team. JWSDP 1.5 also includes upgrades to all the other technologies, some guidelines on how to write Web Service clients in J2SE
and an improved installer.

You can post feedback through the USERS mailing list of the different Java.Net communities. You can send StAX and general issues to that of jwsdp, while both
JAXB and
JAXB have their own mailing lists.

Ramesh and Anita told me that they will be giving a free webinar on JWSDP 1.5 at JavaOne Online on Dec 15th at 10am PT.

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