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JAXP 1.4 at Java.Net

Posted by pelegri on June 13, 2005 at 12:06 AM PDT

JAXP 1.4 is the next release for JAXP, intended for
JAXP 1.4 is a maintenance release: it provides a few small
spec improvements and fixes but mostly it provides some
utility classes to make it easier to use StAX and JAXP 1.3 together.

The CVS repository
for the JAXP 1.4 Reference Implementation
just went live at Java.Net in the
JWSDP community.
One of the nice things of this JAXP 1.4 implementation is that it
provides a ready-to-use package that
combines the StAX implementation with
SAX and DOM implementations and all the benefits of

JAXP 1.3
(like validation).

I looked and the JAXP 1.3 sources seem to be gone for now,
but I believe the plan is to put them back in the near future.
Weekly builds for JAXP 1.3 and JAXP 1.4 should also be available soon.
I talked with the project leads and I'll post again when I find out more
Note that, since the JAXP 1.4 repository is what is used directly
by the development team, it will always be up to date;
that is one of the benefits of the general move to
a more transparent, community-centered development
in the Mustang, JWSDP and GlassFish communities.

JAXP 1.4 is in Mustang but not in GlassFish.
GlassFish will have JAXP 1.3 and the same underlying
StAX implementation
as in JAXP 1.4, but not the API maintenance changes themselves, which
won't be final until Mustang goes final.

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