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JWSDP now also in GlassFish!

Posted by pelegri on June 8, 2005 at 6:29 AM PDT

The JWSDP community groups a number of inter-related Java projects in the Web Services and XML area at Java.Net. These projects include XML Binary Encoding (FI), XML Processing (JAXP and SJSXP), XML Data Binding (the JAXB family of projects including the latest JAXB-workshop),
WS Communication (JAX-RPC et al.) and samples.

These projects are all available individually at Java.Net but, in addition, they are also
grouped into stable releases in the Java WS Developer Packs available from Sun, and in many other Sun and non-Sun artifacts. The
latest of these is the GlassFish project that was announced earlier today.

The GlassFish project is the community place for the development of the J2EE 5 SDK; since most of the JWSDP projects are the reference implementations of specifications destined for
J2EE 5, all these projects will be available separatedly but also integrated into the builds of the new AppServer in a timely manner.
This should be beneficial to everybody; the community will be able to start using all the new features together, the implementors will get additional feedback, and so will the Expert Groups writing the specifications.

GlassFish is yet another step in a long road to become more attuned and responsive to the needs of the developer community. We hope it will be useful to you, and await your feedback.

And also look forward to more JWSDP components to start showing up in
Mustang as part of
J2SE 6.0!

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