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Glassfish to interoperate with .Net

Posted by pelegri on November 4, 2005 at 9:51 AM PST

The GlassFish Project is currently working
on adding interoperability with the Windows Communication Foundation (WCF, nee Indigo).
The first press report I see is from InternetNews.

This initiative will be developed at GlassFish and will be using the same
CDDL license that is used by the rest of GlassFish and other projects like OpenSolaris.
As with other previous projects,
it may take some time for the project to show in
the public CVS repositories, although the
lag time has been getting shorter.
When it goes out, the effort it will be fully aligned with the
rest of the WS and XMLM projects that are part of the
JWSDP subcommunity of GlassFish.

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