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Calling for GlassFish Screencasts

Posted by pelegri on December 7, 2005 at 12:20 PM PST

I find
screencasts a very
compelling and cheap technique to describe features and functionality.
If you have never seen one, check out one of these two:

There are at least two good products:
Camtasia Studio and
These are Windows products, but using VNC you can use them to capture
presentations in other platforms.
Creating a screencast is really easy. Pretty much you just need some good
content, then put together a script - target 5, max 10 minutes - and then
run the script. The major time expense is in the audio portion: we engineers
tend to insert too many hums and ohms in our conversations.

I want to create a repository for good ScreenCasts showing off GlassFish.
If you send me submissions, that we can use, I'll capture them into the repository
and we will share with all the community.

I think this will be very useful for everybody in the community, so I hope
everybody will be interested in contributing. To sweeten the deal, I'll throw in a
ipod shuffle that
somebody gave me "for a good cause".
I will collect all the submissions by, say end of business (pacific time) January 15th, 2006, and I will ask for feedback on which is the most deserving one.
Final decision will be mine and will be irrevocable, and if there any legal or logistic problems (like I can't mail to your country) that will take precedence. Only original screencasts count for the iPod deal, but do provide pointers to any relevant screencasts, even it is not yours.

Please add the URLs to your screencasts related to GlassFish as comments to this blog. Please add your email contact and check for earlier postings to avoid duplications.

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