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Does it have to be nice?

Posted by pepe on March 19, 2007 at 5:02 AM PDT

As a programmer and somewhat graphist, i tend to make things nice, or at least i take time to work a bit on presentation.

But should i?

It is always better, in my opinion, to present even the slightest example with a little image but, when is that presentation distracting from the technological point of view, or in the opposite when is the presentation hiding flaws of an API?

Is it better to present something in a basic form, so that people can concentrate on what you say, or impress them with a shiny-blinking demo, then let them enter the technical part? How to be sure that they will not draw false conclusions from one or other kind of presentation?

Last week, i did read the petstore 2.0 article. Then, i went to the live demo to check the result.

To be honest, i first thought that there was a css problem, that it did not load and what i was watching was the 'pure' version of the website. So, i opened firebug (fabulous firefox extention, by the way) and checked for that. Unfortunatly, there was nothing wrong with the demo code.

Then, well, i thought that the demo was plain ugly and i really did not understand why they left such a thing online, that ought to be used as an example for people application. Examples ought to give people some kind of envy. Envy to do the same, envy to do better, envy to use. That example just gave me a weird sensation of a cheap amateur puzzle.

But, maybe i am wrong which is why i am questionning. I did read the article and did not even took care to look at the included screenshots, so it seems obvious that non technical part did not bother me.

Is shine needed? When does it blind, or when does it attract? Does no shine repel?

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