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Realtime Animations within matisse

Posted by pepe on February 13, 2008 at 10:37 PM PST

A bug corrected in latest netbeans 6.1 enables swash to display its animations realtime while you edit withing matisse. Great effect and good step ahead in productivity.

Thanks goes to Tomas Pavek for that. Even if the bug report was a bit old, he fixed it as soon as he got his eyes on it and i admit i really waited for it.

So, here is a little swik capture that shows how animated components are shown. Unfortunatly, swik goofed a bit and does not show animations correctly as they are perfectly smooth on my screen, but you will see them jerk. Bah, i'm so happy i do not really care.

Fun thing is that you can edit, duplicate, add components over and under animations and matisse does not matter. Everyting just animates smoothly while you setup your UI.

Lovely day. :)

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Hello Patrick.
I am not sure this is something i should do right now. They are very new to me and i already have a negative point of view on them for many reasons. None of those reasons are related to a competition feeling between the two frameworks : i doubt any of the people working on those frameworks ever saw my pet from deeper than the demos (if they ever looked at them). I am not even interested in competing, but i am aware of the overlap.
Moreover, most of what i dislike in javafx are those i want to solve with swash, so i would hardly be seen as fair. I will certainly end in a comparison-formatted blog which would cause massive death by boredom within readers (which certainly means one or two people, so in fact it's not a bunch.)
I'm an expert on my tool so i can rightfully talk about it but i would have to be an expert on javafx in order to dissert so it's not really going to happen...

... unless i have a good reason to change my mind. :)

Frederic--would you like to write us a blog with your thoughts on the new scene graph API, and the animation and timing frameworks? It seems there's some overlap (at least of intention) between those and Swash--what are your thoughts? BTW, the Matisse demo is very cool, nice job. Regards, Patrick