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No submission? Got suggestions?

Posted by pierre on January 7, 2005 at 5:05 PM PST

There is always a great deal of interesting proposals submitted for the
JavaOne conference, and this
makes it really challenging for the various selection committees.

In his blog last Monday, Casey Cameron provided good advice for
submitters. In my case, I'd like to turn this around and ask
potential conference goers for any advice they would like to give
regarding the selection of the web-tier sessions and BOFs.

So... what web-tier related topics/speakers/events would make it
worthwhile to you at the 2005 conference?

Please let me know (comments below, or email me directly) and I'll make sure these opinions are heard.
As a reference, the 2004 web-tier selections are included below. -- Thanks!

JavaOne 2004 web-tier technical sessions

3166 Internationalization and Localization of Web Applications

2702 Web-Tier State of the Union

1580 Advanced Real-World JavaServer Faces technology-Based Application Development

2866 Blueprints for Interactive Web Applications: Designing applications for J2EE

1341 Browser Tree Framework using Java and JavaScript technologies

2471 Building Advanced J2EE 1.4 Web-Tier Applications

2218 Building real-world ready UI Components for the web using JavaServer Faces Technology

1925 Code Reuse Techniques in JavaServer Pages Technology: A Comparative Analysis

1103 Creating a Component Community for JavaServer Faces Technology

1936 Developing Advanced Graphics Components Using JavaServer Faces Technology

2987 eXtreme JavaServer Faces Technology

2553 Scripting in the Java Platform

2168 Performance Considerations for Developing Portal Applications - Based on JSR 168

1062 Portlet Specification: What is Real and What Comes Next?

2100 Putting Faces on Your Portlets: Exploiting JavaServer Faces Technology in Portlet Applications

1265 Scalable Java Technology Application Environment Infrastructure for the Web Tier

2610 Using JSF with JDO: Developing Scalable Web Applications Easily

2615 Using User Interface Modeling for Automatic Generation of Large-Scale J2EE Web Applications

1286 Why you should use the JSP 2.0 Expression Language

JavaOne 2004 web-tier BOFs

2240 Boosting Java Technology-Based Web Applications Development Productivity: A Generative Approach

3080 Dynamic VoiceXML and CCXML Applications in Java Technology

2101 JSP 2.0 Tag Libraries

1966 Unraveling WSRP and its Alignment with JSR 168

3154 Web Frameworks to Go: Productivity and Web MVC

2091 Coexistence of JSF and Struts for Web Applications Development

2693 Community Input on the Java Servlet and JavaServer Pages Technologies

2938 Designing Secure Web Applications

2180 Effective WebTier Clustering

2937 J2EE Platform Blueprints for Web Services and Web Applications

2780 JSR 168 In Depth

3069 Portals, Portlets, and Web Services, Oh My! Lessons from the Trenches

2056 Testing Strategies for Java Technology Based Web Applications

2220 The Faces Behind the JavaServer Faces Technology: Developer to Developer with the JavaServer Faces Technology Team and Expert Group

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