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Two by James Kobielus

Posted by poetry on June 23, 2004 at 10:42 AM PDT

Two poems by James Kobielus


Trained to receive, every fiber of me, every facet of you.
Unimpeded, one path, one singular path, through crowded sensations.
Recognizing our kind.
Now turning away.

Trying to receive, every moment of time, every flicker of thought and soft emanation.
Unobstructed, then blocked, then scattered through layers, accidental relations.
Recollecting our mind.
Now turning away.

True to my thoughts, we're moving in tandem.
Unawares, we're speaking the language of light.
Reconstructing our world through massive obstruction.
Now moving closer, now turning away.



Just a keep-alive ping.
Session context endures.
Async pipeline preserved.
Attenuated latency caused premature notification of impending time-out.
Host please send next packet.
Admin please note
channel-jitter condition.

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