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JavaFX Mobile: The network in your hand

Posted by qmahmoud on May 8, 2007 at 12:20 PM PDT

Today Sun announced JavaFX, a consumer-focused family of Java technology based on Java SE. The first big component of JavaFX is a scripting language. Oh my! Why another scripting language? In James Gosling words, scripting languages tend to be focused on particular applications, and JavaFX Script is for developing media-rich Internet applications. JavaFX Script leverages Java's unmatched reach, stability, and security, and it designed for content professionals to reach out to the next ring of Java developers.

JavaFX runs on every Java SE platform unmodified. It is simple and easy to use, and the tools will be coming soon for content creation to allow developers to express their vision and creativity in developing media-rich Internet applications.

JavaFX Mobile is a complete and fully integrated Java software system for mobile devices. It is an open programming platform that will be available to OEM manufacturers worldwide. The idea is to break the hardware and software apart just like the desktop.

Demos were shown of several devices running JavaFX. It is capable of running all the SE, ME, and scripting code. In other words, your existing Java ME applications would run just fine on JavaFX Mobile. JavaFX Mobile is linux-based with native OS low-level services and libraries with a linux kernel. Everything else is Java-based.

JavaFX Mobile is an exciting technology that will bring a richer experience to users, and to people who will never have the chance to experience the Internet on a desktop PC. There are many places around the world where wireline infrastructure is non-existent, and hence mobile phones are widely deployed; for people at such places the mobile phone is the computer! Q.