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NetBeans Mobility

Posted by qmahmoud on May 7, 2007 at 8:00 PM PDT

I arrived just in time for the NetBeans Mobility: What's New? session, part of the NetBeans Software Day. The session included some live demos from Ikivo, Mobile Complete, as well as a demo of Sun SPOTs.

NetBeans is an IDE has that come a long way! You have to try it to believe it. Even James Gosling is using it instead of his Emacs. NetBeans Mobility is an add-on for Java ME developers; it supports Java ME CLDC/MIDP and CDC. Since the CDC application model is not well-defined, NetBeans Mobility supports several products including SonyEricsson/UIQ, Nokia S80, RICOH, and others. Improvements in NetBeans 6.0 will include deployment on more devices (e.g. BlackBerry) and Java ME CLDC & CDC in one package.

Ikivo demonstrated their Animator, which enables quick creation of SVG content. A splash screen with a simple application was created in a matter of minutes.

Mobile Complete is the owner and operator of It is a subscription-based service that allows developers to get access to all kind of devices to test their applications instead of bringing the devices in-house for testing. It is a really cool concept. NetBeans Mobility enables you to easily deploy your applications on devices located thousands of miles away using

NetBeans can be used to develop applications for the ultra-cool Sun SPOTs (Small Programmable Object Technology) which are useful for wireless sensor networks among many other things. This is the vision of the