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JavaOne 2008 Day 2

Posted by rachelhill on May 8, 2008 at 8:14 PM PDT

Josh and Rachel explore the Pavilion floor and meet up with the guys at Sun Labs where they learn more about Hydrazine, Project Wonderland, The Lively Kernel, The Java Deployment Group, the Java Tools Community, and Sun Spots!

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Hi pdoubleya, I'm glad you are enjoying the videos. This was our first year doing this, and me not being an actual developer, I've been shooting from the hip trying to cover all the "good" stuff. I've been working with my brother Josh and considering he's on the JavaFX team, we have definitely gotten some good stuff about it. We got some good stuff talking about the video and audio codecs (it's about time was the unifying theme). There will be a few more videos coming, plus we'll be releasing some more things on throughout the summer, so stay tuned.

Hi lukman, I'm seeing the videos in my browser. Are you still not seeing them? Can you tell me your exact browser and operating system and I can investigate? There should also be a link to the site so you can view it there and choose between the flash or the quicktime video.

videos aint showing up here...

Thanks for posting these videos. Nice to hear someone talk about each of these projects, as we usually just get to read the occasional interview or press release. Hope you have time to cover some of the JavaFX Script stuff (in particular would like to hear about the video codec). Thanks! Patrick