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Quo Vadis SwingX

Posted by rah003 on October 21, 2007 at 9:58 AM PDT

It have been quite some time since the last release of Swinglabs/SwingX. However it was not due to lack of development. SwingX have been last time released as part of much larger Swinglabs project. That was nearly two years ago. Swinglabs have many subprojects, for example TimingFramework, ApplicationFramework, BeansBinding, Nimbus and others), since that old release various SwingLabs subprojects took life of their own and moved on with releases at different pace. Now the time has come for SwingX as well.

The goal is still the same. SwingLabs is a place to create new components, Swing utilities and to perfect technologies that can and will eventually make it back to JDK. And since JDK was open sourced, this goal should be even easier to achieve.

To cut long story short: We have improved and extended SwingX a lot since last release and we have paid attention to the voices in community that called for newer release (for example here or here. Now, I'm pleased to say that new milestone build of SwingX - Milestone 0.9 is now available at SwingLabs website for download.

There were many changes since the last release, to name just few:

  • new Painters API
  • new components - JXLabel, JXHeader, JXBusyLabel
  • improved API - JXTable, JXTreeTable, JXLoginPanel
  • notably there are over 300 bug fixes in this release

and many others.

There is much more work to be done. Many of existing components need to go through their review process to be ready for release 1.0, many more bugs needs to be fixed, many more tutorials and examples needs to be written, but rest assured that we still care about the project and will coninue to improve it.

Over the comming weeks we will come back to you and ask for some information. In order to better focus our work we will need to find what components are most used and what are most burning issues you have with SwingX. I would encourage everybody using SwingX to go to our issue tracker here and vote for issues you are concerned about.

That would be all for now. Enjoy the release.

And don't forget feedback is more then welcome.

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