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SwingX 0.9.6 Released

Posted by rah003 on March 29, 2009 at 4:49 PM PDT

While not really planned originally, after a discussion in the forum, team has decided to push one more release before going for 1.0 and to take this oportunity for just one more sweep and cleanup of API. There were few other notable changes like cleanup of deprecated code and few more. Read more at wiki and in the release notes.

As always you can download the binaries from SwingLabs website.


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@Jonathan: you're more then welcome. When fixing the issue becomes something as simple as applying a patch I'm happy to put in even more fixes :) Thanks for the patch. @mbien: Unfortunately not. SwingX has to support Java 5 until 1.0 release. Nimbus and Table sorting introduced in Java 6 are among main reasons why we are pushing towards 1.0 so hard now. Once 1.0 is released, we will create a branch for Java 5, but main development will continue only against Java 6. At that point we can talk about full Nimbus support. @everybody: there was a blocker issue found in the BasicMonthViewUI, so if you are using calendar, you might want to wait a bit as we will be pushing another release this weekend with the fix. Also if there are any other regressions anybody found so far, please report them so they can be (hopefully) fixed as well. More details at

cool, hope we get full nimbus support prior 1.0 ;)

Thanks for folding my JXLoginPane patch in prior to releasing 0.9.6! Cheers, Jonathan Giles