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devoxx roundup

Posted by rah003 on November 24, 2009 at 2:05 PM PST

There was a bunch of good things to see at this years Devoxx. My personal highlights are ScalaTest (you definitively want to look into this when testing concurrency in any java code ... the best way to test different race scenarios I've seen so far).

Another highlight was the amount of work done on JavaFX yet. The new UI for the clickable gui builder shown briefly by Tor ... surely you remember when Tor has shown this thing for the first time on JavaOne ... well, guess what, since then, the UI have been completely re-written and is using FX only. This language has a potential for building the slick UIs (and not only games, tho those are also very interesting ... check work by Rich and Jasper).

Speaking of which, did you know that Stephen Chin is preparing yet another release of the widgetfx? (Yeah, I admit I had a pre-release preview over a beer, surely there's nothing wrong with that :D )

I also had a nice chat with the Atlassian team and i'm seriously considering using the Crucible in the near future.
Another nice discussion I had was with JBoss people on their work using the JCR and hopefully we can see in the near future Magnolia running on their federated repository - JBoss DNA

I guess the best part of the conference have been as always after the presentations were finished and everybody was just trying to calm down over the beer.

During the conference, bunch of the people also asked me about the SwingX and SwingLabs, so once again: the project development continues and there will be more releases. As long as people are using the library and are interested in the development there is no reason to stop this project.