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More SwingLabs releases

Posted by rah003 on December 2, 2009 at 2:47 PM PST

Finally ...

SwingX-WS 1.0 have been released. And no, don't ask, I don't have any explicit release notes for that. No bells and whistles. The release is just an official version of something that has been lying in repository for quite some time. BTW, if you would like to become a committer on this project please let us know on the SwingLabs forum. You can find the files at SwingLabs download page as usually.

On related note, all of the active SwingLabs sub projects - SwingX, SwingX-WS, JXLayer and PDF-Renderer are now in the central maven repository under the org.swinglabs group id. If there is any older SwingLabs sub project release you would like to see in central repo shout. Although I would think that all that is there already should be enough.

... that would be all the good news for now.

Regarding the earlier issue with the SwingX 1.6 release and sources jar having two "org" folders, one with a space in a name and another without - I'm really sorry for that. I have actually checked the jar visually, but file-roller seems to ignore the space and show the merged view, so it appears as if everything was all right. As for how it occurred, I managed to reproduce the issue multiple times when using file-roller to pack the actual sources jar - just select single folder, tell it to create a jar file and off you go. If you unzip later, there will be two folders even tho there was only one to begin with. Seems to happen only for the "org" folder. Well, I'm not using the file-roller any more. There's over 100 bugs open for it on so I'll have to go through them and find out if this is already known issue or if I should report it. Anyway, the final solution would be to move everything to a maven based builds instead of monkeying files for every release. That will be the next step and hopefully I'll have some time to get this done over the Christmas.

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