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JavaOne updates

Posted by rah003 on May 11, 2010 at 1:14 AM PDT

 Two talks at JavaOne this year:

  • S313580 - "Swinglabs Dev Update" with Karl and Alex ... I hope guys will do most of the talking :D
  • S314239 - "Building Content Management solutions based on Java Content Repository" together with Greg

BTW for those wondering what is happening with the, server have been recently moved around yet again. It is now in so secure location that I can't even access it anymore and server is also not able to reach outside to to retrieve content from svn and/or existing releases binaries.

It's all kind of sad, but I hope the access issues can be solved out soon and server will be back. If not I'll try to setup another build server and mirror of the site in some alternative location.




It would be nice to hear a coherent message from Oracle on Swing and SwingX. Given the recent news that JavaFX will remove the Swing bridge in the near term, coupled with the above SwingX news, the future of Swing and SwingX does not look bright. Or am I being too pessimistic?

Just few points to

Just few points to consider:
  • There are plenty of apps that use the Swing and will need to be maintained and further developed for years to come.
  • Also even without Swing bridge, JavaFX will use the same underlying code, just access it directly in more efficient way.
  • So far development of JavaFX meant fixing some long standing Swing bugs so swing has benefited from JavaFX. This trend will continue since even when JavaFX will use the Java2D code directly, any changes in that code will continue to benefit Swing.
  • The only part of Swing development that is not moving is development of new components. However there are currently plenty of providers of special components and those will continue maintain existing and release new components as long as there is a demand for such from the developers.
  • And SwingX will continue to try to make existing Swing components better and to try new approaches. You might be disappointed that there are no more components from SwingX that would be migrated to Swing like it was in the past. However the decision (and it was not taken lightly) was that keeping components out of official Swing release allows us to have less restrictions when it comes to backward compatibility and to have faster release cycle then Swing itself.
  • The fact that the server was migrated into new infrastructure maintained by Oracle is the sign that the project is not going to die. It would have been much easier to just switch it off.


Good to hear...

Jan, thanks for the update. Hopefully, fixing web start will also be a priority.;) I'm currently working on two Swing/SwingX financial applications. So knowing Swing/SwingX will be supported going forward, thanks to JavaFX, is good to know. I'd like to use JavaFX, but browser issues with JavaFX applets effectively make it unusable.

Ditto. Add that among the

Ditto. Add that among the large amount of applications based on Swing there are NetBeans and JDeveloper too...