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Update on Mustang, Dolphin and the JDK Community

Posted by ray_gans on June 27, 2006 at 9:25 PM PDT

The last few months have been exciting for Java SE with the many JavaOne activities and presentations, our announcement to open source the JDK, and getting beta 2 out the door. Let me tell you, it's kept us all very busy here at Sun! Things aren't slowing down either, so I'd like to give you a brief update as to what's going on.


Feature work on Mustang has been completed. We have a few more tweaks to do, but the new Mustang features and improvements are essentially done. Beta 2 is available and we're now focusing our efforts inside Sun at rigorous testing and bug fixing for final release in autumn. You can help too — just download beta 2 or the latest Mustang snapshot and run your your applications on them to make sure we didn't accidentally break anything. If you find any problems or regressions (code that worked on Java SE 5.0 which fails or runs significantly slower on Mustang), please let us know so we can fix them.


The Dolphin Project will start up in late July on New feature work, contributions and non-critical bug fixes will now be considered for future inclusion in Dolphin. Bug fix contributions received will also be considered for Mustang Update releases which will occur approximately every 3 months after Mustang ships. Since we don't change the spec in updates, all new API changes must wait for Dolphin's release in 2008.

Open Source

No date has been set yet for open sourcing the JDK (though we definitely plan to do this within a reasonable period of time). There is a lot of planning and preliminary work that must be completed before we can roll things out. We are working hard to resolve business, community and compatibility issues around open source, plus we're investigating the infrastructure and organizational changes needed to support it — so stay tuned, we'll have much more to report during the coming months. In the mean time, we're continuing our efforts to improve the JDK by working closely with interested developers through the JDK Community on

DLJ and jdk-distros

The jdk-distros project was created on to support the new Distro License for Java (DLJ) that permits Linux and OpenSolaris vendors to distribute Sun's JDK or JRE with their operating system distributions. This license addresses a long term request to provide easy access to the JDK/JRE for users of many Linux and OpenSolaris distros. New binary bundles and tips and techniques for repackaging are also available in this project.

javadoc Translations

The jdk-api-localizations project has been started on as an umbrella to host independent efforts by Java User Groups and other organizations to translate the javadoc specs for Java SE into non-English languages. Currently there are active projects for Brazilian Portuguese, Simplified Chinese and Japanese. We've also received word from groups in Mexico and Russia who want to organize efforts to start Spanish and Russian translations there as well. For more information about these projects or if you might be interested in helping out or organizing your own translation project, please see jdk-api-localizations.


A couple months ago we ran a survey on to collect information about how Sun can improve the JDK Community. I want to thank everyone who participated and pass on the results which can be found at:

We will use this data to make improvements to the JDK Community site as we move forward.

Thanks to all who have helped us take Mustang to where it is today. Your code contributions, testing and bug reports have been outstanding and it has been rewarding for us here at Sun to work together with you. We're looking forward to improving our relationship with you as we get into Dolphin. If you're interested in joining or just want to see what we're up to, please take a look at the JDK Community of projects on

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