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Wireless Toolkit 2.5 is Final II

Posted by richardgregor on February 20, 2007 at 11:12 AM PST

In a previous blog Wireless Toolkit 2.5 is Final we briefly described SVG, Payment API, Mobile Internationalization and Session Initiation Protocol. That's not all, Wireless Toolkit 2.5 brings more! Let's take a look at the rest of technology included in the Wireless Toolkit 2.5.

Advanced Multimedia Supplements

This API basically extends Mobile Media API defined by JSR 135. Main focus is on advanced functionality like support for camera, radio, advanced audio processing and even 3D sound. Advanced Multimedia supplements API as defined in JSR 234 is really powerful.


Wireless Toolkit 2.5 contains implementation of this API and allows you to review source code of samples that use this API. I would suggest to try out artificial reverberation in AdvancedMultimediaSupplements Sample project, I like various types of reverberation. Samples for Radio Tuner are also included. To play AMR files you need to have QuickTime player installed.

Of course toolkit includes special skin for playing multimedia - Media Control Skin.


Java Binding for OpenGL(R) ES or How to do 3D Graphics

OpenGL(R) on desktop is here for more than 10 years now. There is a lot of game programmers that are really familiar with it and wouldn't change it for anything else. That's make OpenGL(R) kind of unique and that's also reason for JSR 239 Reference Implementation to be included in the fabulous toolkit. OpenGL(R) ES (Embedded Subset) is optimized for small devices and is "de facto" standard for a platform independent, low level 3D API in the mobile market.

OpenGL(R) ES is not part of Mobile Service Architecture , however demand for this API is so high that this API was implemented and included in Wireless Toolkit 2.5.


Wireless Toolkit 2.5 includes also Mobile 3D Graphics API that was introduced in previous version and it is another powerful and very popular 3D API for developers.

And Where Is The Linux Version Of Toolkit?

There is still lot of questions about the Linux support. Once again, Linux is really high priority for us now. To all that asked and are still asking on mailing lists, we are really listening to you! The Wireless Toolkit team works hard now to deliver Linux version of the toolkit as soon as possible since we see that you are interested. The latest news is that Early Access version should be available around March 2007, so please stay tuned.

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