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Most productive night drinking ever

Posted by richunger on July 1, 2005 at 1:26 AM PDT

To wrap up my JavaOne experience, I went to a pub with Tim Boudreau and my co-speaker Jaroslav Tulach. Over the first few drinks, we brainstormed about ways to simplify/embellish the Actions API

When we got a little too drunk for that, we started in on the source code to my FeedReader. We hacked around until we figured out a way to embed a JDIC browser in a TopComponent.

That was cause enough for the celebratory drinks to migrate from beer to whiskey. After that, a bunch of other folks from the netbeans team showed up. Once I got a complete rundown of Czech history over the last century, I said a fond farewell and caught the caltrain home.

Now it's bedtime.

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