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NB Module Suite building tip

Posted by richunger on October 24, 2005 at 12:45 PM PDT

I have a module suite with many modules in it, and the default run/debug/profile targets depend on the 'build' target. This makes sense. You can't run it if you haven't built it, right? Only, most of the time when I actually want to run my app, it's already in a built state, or I just need to build one module, and the suite's build target takes forever to no-op through all the other modules.

So, I added the following to my suite's build.xml file:

    <!-- override run/debug/profile to NOT build all the modules first.
         Saves lots of time, but you need to remember to do a "Build All" in the IDE
         or run the "build" target in the ant script if you really do need to
         build. -->
    <target name="debug" depends="-init" description="Debug vbuilder in NetBeans IDE">
        <ant antfile="${harness.dir}/run.xml" target="debug"/>
    <target name="profile" depends="-init" description="Profile vbuilder in NetBeans IDE">
        <ant antfile="${harness.dir}/run.xml" target="profile"/>
    <target name="run" depends="-init" description="Run V-Builder">
        <ant antfile="${harness.dir}/run.xml" target="run"/>

Works like a charm.

...what doesn't work like a charm is CDATA blocks in this blog editor. How frustrating!