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JavaOne registration page bites

Posted by richunger on February 15, 2006 at 2:55 PM PST

Today's the last day to get the early bird alumni discount. So, I went over to to register.

Problem 1: The price for a pass with the alumni discount is $1495. However, when you go through the registration process, it quotes you $1595 and asks for your credit card info.

I called up the hotline, and the attendent told me that you put your CC info in, then it figures out if you're eligible for certain discounts and calculates your total. Terrible. No ecommerce site I've ever seen asks for your CC info without giving you the final total first, much less leads you to believe you're paying more than you should.

Problem 2: When entering my CC billing address, the first question it asks is "Different Address? Yes/No". Well, different from what, exactly? There's no address to compare it to. Terrible!

C'mon folks. You're supposed to be the experts at this stuff. That's why people are coming to this conference in the first place!

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