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A new NetBeans Platform Sample: AudioStation

Posted by richunger on November 1, 2006 at 5:25 PM PST

Tim, Jarda and I taught a workshop on NetBeans plugin development at OOPSLA last week. As part of that course, I cooked up a new sample app to showcase the platform.

It's a simple WAV file editor which showcases the use of the Lookup API to plug different visualizations of the WAV file into a Multi-View component:


Here I show two Multi-View components. They're showing the different views available: the editable waveform view and the read-only frequency domain view (uses FFT).

The source code is checked into the NetBeans CVS tree under platform/samples/AudioStation

I have the project broken out into a progression of lessons, with the source code for the solution to each lesson. I've not yet uploaded that anywhere. I'd like to work with someone at Sun (Geertjan?) to figure out the best way to present it.

Hope some folks find this useful.

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