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Phobos Plugins 0.5.1 Released

Posted by robc on January 12, 2007 at 11:30 AM PST

Finally, they are here! You can now download a set of plugins for the NetBeans IDE that comprise the Phobos development enviroment.

Phobos plugins running in NetBeans

This blog entry gives a good introduction to the plugins. Since then, we've been fixing bugs and adding a few features, like better content filtering in the debugger's local variable view. All the key features are visible in the screenshot above: there is a logical view of the Phobos project corresponding to an application; the application is running in-process in debug mode; the debugger has all the expected bells-and-whistles (breakpoints, call stack, variable inspection); the jMaki palette allows dragging and dropping Ajax controls into a view.

There is still quite a bit of work left to do, but the plugins are very usable as-is. A notable missing feature is the "export to war" feature that lets you create a portable war file from a Phobos application. We'll be fixing this in an update to the plugins.

Updates will be pushed to users via an update center that is added to the IDE when you install the 9KB bootstrap plugin. This is shared with jMaki, so you'll always get in-sync versions of the client and server frameworks.

In the meantime, enjoy writing some JavaScript code in an interactive environment and with a fully-featured debugger to help! Check out Ludovic Champenois' screencast for a first look at Phobos.

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