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More fun sessions at and around JavaOne

Posted by robc on April 28, 2008 at 4:05 PM PDT

In addition to the Java EE 6 talks, there are a few more events on my calendar for the week of JavaOne.

On Sunday, when I'm not caught up in rehearsals and last-minute slide editing, I'll check out the GlassFish Unconference and party. Since the agenda is entirely up to participants, bring your best topics and suggestions!

On Monday, I'll be at CommunityOne. As Tim Bray pointed out, it's free and packed with great talks, so you'd be crazy to spend the day elsewhere.

On Tuesday at 3:20pm I'm doing a session on "JavaScript: The Language Everybody Loves to Hate" (TS-4986).

In this talk I'll try to convince a predictably skeptical audience that JavaScript is a real programming language. I'll focus on functional and object-oriented programming, explaining all the arcana. The samples I'll show are mostly taken from popular frameworks, like jQuery, Prototype and jMaki. I'll also touch on some smaller topics, like modules and fluid interfaces. The focus is not on Ajax programming, so I will not cover browser differences or DOM at all, just core language concepts and how they scale. By the way, as I prepared the slides I thought of expanding this material into a series of blog entries. If you are interested, please leave a comment.

On Wednesday at 9:30am I'll be at "The Script Bowl: A Rapid-Fire Comparison of Scripting Languages" (PAN-5435).

Somehow I got persuaded to act as a judge in this American Idol-like elimination show. I'll try to keep my snide remarks to a minimum and I promise not to try and affect a British accent. Charles Nutter broke the embargo on the super-secret list of tasks that our panelists have been asked to perform. But he may have got the list of participants wrong: we will have JRuby, Jython, Groovy and Scala representatives on stage, ready to dazzle the audience with their best work.

In the rocket science department, on Wednesday at 2:40pm I'm registered to attend a session on "Transactional Memory in Java Based Systems" (TS-6316). A bit dry maybe, but ten five years from now this stuff is going to be everywhere, so you may just as well learn about it today.

On Friday, at 12:10pm I'll attend Kohsuke Kawaguchi's Hudson talk (TS-6547) to pay homage to this irreplaceable tool and its equally irreplaceable author. I think that without Hudson all software development around here would stop; furthermore, at the rate it's spreading Hudson will soon run the entire software industry. Not too shabby for a butler!

Finally, after much session and party attendance, I plan to end the week on Saturday at the Scala Lift-off unconference (no ties to JavaOne). Right now I'm more interested in Scala than the lift web framework, but in any case it's going to be a great opportunity to meet other Scala-heads.

Overall it looks like a great (and exhausting) week in the making!

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I would be interested in any materials presented at Java One sessions concerning JavaScript. Thanks. Tony Z