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Update on the schedule for the Java EE 6 Platform

Posted by robc on October 3, 2008 at 10:41 AM PDT

In case you missed the news, JAX-RS 1.0 (JSR-311) was the first specification scheduled for inclusion in Java EE 6 to reach the final stage. My thanks to the spec leads, Marc Hadley and Paul Sandoz, the entire expert group and the very active community around JAX-RS for making this happen!

I'd like to take this opportunity to advertise the schedule for the rest of the platform.

We plan to have all the component JSRs publish a Public Draft in October. EJB 3.1 did so yesterday and the other ones will follow soon. We also have an Early Draft of the Java EE 6 Platform specification ready to go out any day now (we are waiting for licensing and staging to happen), including the first draft of the rules that will govern all Java EE profiles going forward. Public draft reviews last 30 days and culminate in a ballot taken by the JCP Executive Committee for SE/EE.

The next stage for all the specifications is Proposed Final Draft, which we intend to reach by mid-December. At that point, the bulk of the specification work will be done and implementations will have time to catch up. We then have a few months to exercise the new APIs and complete the TCK work. The final release of the platform would then happen in time for JavaOne 2009.

Given the short time between Public Draft and Proposed Final Draft, I'd like to invite you all to read the specifications as soon as they become available and to send feedback to the respective expert groups right away.

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