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JavaOne 2009

Posted by robc on May 30, 2009 at 5:12 PM PDT

Once again, we are at the crazy weekend before JavaOne. This year Arun interviewed me and, more importantly, provided a link to my sessions at JavaOne. So I won't provide any detailed directions here, and instead summarize my speaking engagements for the week.

After watching the morning keynote on Tuesday, I'll be the lone (!) judge (!!) on this edition of the Script Bowl (PAN-5348). If you attended last year, you'll know that "judging" entails making semi-informed comments on what you just saw, without the benefit of any advance screening of any kind. This year, standing on my lonely perch, I'll be A Judging Army Of One, in effect the programming alter egos of Randy, Paula and Simon, all frighteningly woven together in one entity. It will be fun: Clojure, Groovy, JRuby, Jython and Scala, all in one hour!

A few hours later, hopefully having recovered my sanity by then, I'll give an update on Java EE 6 during the afternoon technical general session. This year the lucky winner of the demo lottery was Ludo(vic) Champenois. He tried hard to get himself disqualified for the job by posting the the worst ever Java EE 6 blog, but it didn't work out. So come to the general session ready to see the latest in NetBeans and Eclipse tooling for GlassFish v3.

Once you've learned more about the Java EE 6 platform and attended a myriad of sessions on the various technologies that it contains, please come to our community BOF on Wednesday night (BOF-4483) and ask the hard questions. We'll have a good number of members of the platform expert group on hand to give you a varied perspective on the decisions that were made over the course of JSR-316.

Finally, for my fellow JavaScript-ers, I've updated last year's session on the world's most hated language to cover functional programming in more depth. You are invited to come to TS-3802 on Wednesday afternoon and learn more about the assembly language of the web, now faster than ever.

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