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Mustang Beta approaching - we want to know about your bugs and regressions

Posted by robogeek on January 25, 2006 at 8:43 AM PST

As Ray Gans noted, the Mustang Beta release is coming up soon.  Current plans are to have two beta periods and to ship the final release in the Autumn.

As I noted last week, we very much want to know about bugs and regressions that we find.  As I said, we do a lot of testing all through the Java organization.  But no matter how much we test there's a crucial test that we cannot do.  Namely, we can't test your application in your environment.

Like I said:  "We try and put ourselves in your shoes, to think about what you might
do with the features, and write tests from that viewpoint. But, try as
we might, we are not you, we do not have your environment, we do not
have your applications, we do not have your mindset, and we can only go
so far."
and there was more along those lines which I said.

The important thing about finding and reporting bugs is to do so as early as possible.  For a bug fix to get into the release it helps a lot to know early about the bug, rather than at the last minute.  The earlier we know about the bug, the more time we have to develop the fix, and test the result.

Our goal is always to release a high quality software development platform.  Part of doing that is extensive testing.  We have some periods of running the full test cycle, and will spend 2-4 weeks to run that full test cycle.

Probably the worst sort of bug is the regression.  This is where we make a change, and something breaks that used to work.  I'm sorry to say, that happens, and that it happens for every software organization.  I think part of the cause is what I said earlier, we are not you, we do not have your applications, we do not have your environment, and since our product is essentially infinitely complex there is no way we can do exhaustive testing.

This is where you come in.  You have your application and your environment.  Please, now is the time to begin taking a serious look at whether Java 6 (a.k.a. Mustang) will successfully run your application.  Now is the time to notify us of any bugs you deem critical or showstoppers.  If you tell us now, we stand a better chance of fixing those bugs than if you tell us in, say, September or October.

You can download Mustang snapshot builds here.  You can submit bug reports here.

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