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Re: Why Sun never make Java on FreeBSD

Posted by robogeek on January 9, 2006 at 7:56 PM PST

I saw this question Solaris vs FreeBSD: Why Sun never make Java on FreeBSD and thought to say a couple things. Note that I am not involved with the management decisions around this, and don't know the reasons why Sun doesn't ship the JDK for FreeBSD. But what I see is that Frans Thamura's blog posting ascribes conspiratorial schemings on Sun that probably aren't accurate.

One thing is that Java is hardly absent from FreeBSD. There is an independant port whose home page is here: and it appears to support 1.5 (a lot depends on what is meant by "stable")

A very simple consideration should be fairly obvious. And if you understand Occam's Razor, you might want to follow the simple explanation rather than a complex one.

When Sun "supports" a new platform for Java there's a lot of cost and resources that have to be lined up. There's developer expertise required (in knowing the special features of the OS), a lot of the native code would have to be ported to the new platform, and the testing team has to add multiple platform instances to the test matrix. All that (and more) adds up to a considerable cost, making the simple plausible explanation to be that Sun's management would want to see a business justification for spending that money.

See? No need to ascribe conspiracies and scheming! Maybe it's just about the money. (NOTE: I do not know this one way or another ... I'm just offering this plausible explanation)

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