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Followup on bug tracker for open source JDK

Posted by robogeek on September 16, 2006 at 7:21 AM PDT

Hey Everybody, thank you for the great comments and discussion on my previous posting. I have one aspect to the question I'd like to raise.

Like I said, we have an internal bug system. The current Bug Parade is derived from that internal bug system. The new bug system would also need to interface with the internal bug system. It seems like it wouldn't work very well to have two independant piles of bugs .. that is, if the bug tracking system you guys used (the public system) did not share bugs/comments/etc with the internal bug system, then the JDK developers (both internal and external) would be out of sync.

Therefore it's obvious .. whatever is used for bug tracking in the public has to share bugs/comments/etc with the internal system.

This is one of the big question marks over whether to take an existing bug tracking system and modify it to interface with the internal system. Or whether to write a custom solution.

Of those bug tracking systems mentioned in my previous blog which lend themselves to being modified to interface with another bug tracking system?

And, is it easier to modify one of those systems? Or is it easier to instead develop a custom interface?

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