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What could Sun do with Java after Java7?

Posted by robogeek on May 12, 2007 at 8:18 AM PDT

In Farewell To GCJ, Sun Hires GCJ Architect For JavaFX, while discussing Per Bothner's being hired by Sun, Wei Qi Gao asks: (For example, what are they going to do after Java 7? Add a macro system?) ... er... I can sure think of a lot of things.

First, I'm pretty sure the plans for JDK7 haven't been laid in stone, as of yet. The JSR hasn't started for it, etc. So we don't know what will be done, though clearly there are some ideas as to the direction for JDK7.

Second, consider the typical development period for a major release is 10-12 months, with the remaining portion of the typical 18 month period being for the testing to wring out as many bugs as we can. How does that give us the time to "finish" Java so that it does every single last thing we could ever want Java to do?

How can we possibly make it so that Java is ever finished? Just like any software application, there is always "more" to do.

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