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Should 'Java' stay 'Java'?

Posted by robogeek on December 17, 2007 at 1:14 PM PST

I've got a few minutes before heading off to a meeting, and see a few blog postings on approximately the same topic. Should Java (the language) strive to be the perfect be-all-end-all language? Or should it simply strive to be good enough?

On the #openjdk IRC channel one day last week we had an impromptu debate along these lines. One or more people were claiming Java (the language) sucks, that it should have several different uber-features, and basically that since it's not Haskell or some such it's a complete failure. As a language, that is.

Java the platform, Java the runtime environment, that is clearly one of the most successful cross platform runtime systems of all times. Cross-platform runtime systems have a long history, and my earliest knowledge of them is with Forth and with the UCSD p-System Pascal (which I ran, not on an AppleII but on a Terak PDP-11). Java the platform is near-ubiquitous, offers ever-increasing capabilities and performance, supports dozens of different programming languages, and does a great (not perfect) job of behaving well across platform.

Java should stay Java (?|!)
: Draws an interesting distinction between the uberprogrammers ("

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