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Getting closer...

Posted by robogeek on July 18, 2008 at 11:01 AM PDT

We've been working legal ropes for awhile to get this result: Sun Approved: Merge from BSD Java to OpenJDK. There was a funky little legal snarl in that the BSD Java team has been working on Java ports to xyzzyBSD for years but it was under the JRL or SCSL license and they couldn't directly offer their changes to the OpenJDK project. One little bit of interesting is the SoyLatte work by Landon Fuller, which was based on that very same BSD Java port. The legal unwrangling now allows Landon to post this: Sun has approved merging the JRL-licensed BSD Java to the GPLv2+ClassPath OpenJDK-6. That means that all of the BSD Java changes, including the SoyLatte Mac OS X port, can now be sent to the OpenJDK project, and an official BSD porters group can be proposed:

Cheers and 13949712720901ForOSX

But wait, that's not all... Dalibor noted a couple days ago that Openjdk 6 is in Debian Main... and our esteemed Linux strategist, Barton George notes OpenJDK 6 is heading into OpenSUSE 11. And there appears to be interest to include OpenJDK in Mandriva.

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Sweet news.

WOHO! Java everywhere ;-)