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Ajaxian JavaOne 2005 ?

Posted by rogerk on June 30, 2005 at 11:35 AM PDT

Well.. It's the last day at JavaOne 2005. I attended some good web-tier sessions, and yes, I admit it - I too was caught up in the AJAX hype.
The web-tier sessions in general, get good attendance, but, sprinkle a little AJAX in there, and you have electricity in the air! Javascript has been around forever, and folks have been adding interactivity (DHTML..) to their web pages for years. But I think the commonality of XMLHttpRequest across more browsers, coupled with a new buzzword - AJAX - has generated "renewed" excitement in this area.

So... it may have been AJAX that left a mark at this year's JavaOne.
What about next year?

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