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Testing HTML5 Feature Availability In Browsers

Posted by rogerk on May 25, 2010 at 2:55 AM PDT

The ongoing HTML5 specification offers many features to promote a "rich" web user experience.  If you've worked wth HTML5, you know that some features are available in some browsers and not available in others.  Here's a handy tool to tell you the HTML5 features that are available in your favorite browser.  All you need to do is fire up a browser and visit: .  With this, you'll see a nice breakdown of the features that are available in the current browser version.  It will also tell you, the strengh of support for each feature.  For example, for the current version of Firefox I'm using (3.6.3), it says it has a total score of 101 out of 160.  Here's a breakdown for each of the current browsers I'm using:

Firefox 3.6.3 101/160
Safari 4.0.3 115/160
Opera 10.10   38/160
Chrome 5.0.375.55 beta 142/160

Of course if you really like an HTML5 feaure that is not available in your favorite browser, you can always check the "development" versions for the browser - as HTML5 support is still a work in progress. 



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Latest Firefox nightly: 106

It's not fair to compare a beta release of Chrome, to the latest production (i.e. old and creaky) releases of all other browsers. Although I think even the stable Chrome would easily win this test.

Oh, and the latest IE8 (fully patched, Win7) scores a miserable 19 points. The Platform Preview 2 of IE9 scores... the same 19 points, wtf?

Absolutely the Chrome would easily win the HTML 5 feature ...

Absolutely the Chrome would easily win the HTML 5 feature availability testing and even it will work very fast with HTML 5. This new HTML version shows the power of the Website development.

Yep. This blog was not

Yep. This blog was not intended to imply any one browser is better suited for HTML than others.  What browser one uses is a personal choice, and eventually as HTML5 comes along, more browsers will come up to speed.

Personally, I use Firefox

Personally, I use Firefox most of the time.  But since I've been dabbling with Websockets a bit, (for whatever reason) I found easier access to it with Chrome.

Opera 10.53 scored 102/160

Opera 10.53 scored 102/160