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Make Your Network

Posted by ronhitchens on May 6, 2008 at 1:00 AM PDT

Holy smokes, is it JavaOne again already? Didn't we just do this a few months ago?

I work at a fast-paced startup and have only just returned from a two-week vacation. So I feel as though this JavaOne is sort of taking me by surprise because I haven't prepared for it as much as I usually do. And yet I already feel as though I'm right back into the swing of things.

The announcements and technical sessions at JavaOne have always had a lot of value, but for me the true value of JavaOne has always been about the people. It's the best venue I know of for making new friends and reconnecting with old ones.

Example: This evening (Monday) I drove up to San Francisco to pick up my badge so I would have it for the morning. I met up with a group of folks who are blogging for JavaOne. The group included Daniel Steinberg (an old friend and the former editor of, Chris Adamson (the current editor of whom I've met a few times before) as well as a few people I'd never met before including Josh Marinacci (sleep deprived) and Robert Cooper (beer deprived).

We hung out at a local eatery. Talked a little about Java, griped a little about Sun and marveled a little about iPhones. We talked a lot about books and the strange state of the publishing industry (turns out we're all book authors). Basically we sat around enjoying each others company, chatting about whatever came to mind. Friends, old and new, sharing common interests.

JavaOne is the place to be for Java people. But there is more to it than just Java. Your interest in Java is what you have in common with the 10s of thousands of other people here. You're among friends -- even the ones you haven't met yet.